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INISEG Instituto Internacional de Estudios en Seguridad Global

INISEG Instituto Internacional de Estudios en Seguridad Global

INISEG Instituto Internacional de Estudios en Seguridad Global


Who we are

INISEG is an International Institute of Studies that was born as a need to deliver to its future students all the training, study information, activities and professional opportunities that are developed in the area of ​​Global Security.

The Institute was founded in January 2017, under the direction of Manuel González Folgado, a prominent professional in the security area, with very important specialization studies in the sector, and being an important innovative reference in the online education system in Spain, opening possibilities for access to professional training for more than 18 years in the market and currently playing the role as President of Aucal Foundation and Corporate General Manager of Aucal Business School.

For this reason, and due to the importance of reaching all the users that want to develop in this sector, Aucal and INISEG have joined together to make

possible this real opportunity to offer the best quality in training, access to activities in the area, access to a complete documentation center of the sector and opportunity for continuity of studies in the area of ​​Security.

After 18 years providing online training, the Institute is formed to cross borders of the region and become a real reference as a leading institution in the area of ​​Global Security, as well as in the interdisciplinary analysis of issues of International Studies such as Terrorism International, Corporate Cybersecurity, Criminology, Military History and Public and Private Security.

The Aucal Foundation

Aucal Foundation is an educational institution with an innovative character and concerned about the evolution of new technologies applied to the academic and training world. As a result of this interest, the Aucal project known in Spain as the business school specialized in the Security sector was born. offers exclusively all online, blended and face-to-face courses offered by INISEG within its wide range of courses, and from which students can access scholarships, payment benefits, bonuses and special promotions through this prestigious business school , present more than 18 years ago in the online education market in Spain and with more than 45000 students already trained and qualified.

Likewise, Aucal Foundation participates in external projects, where it acts as a collaborator.


Our mission is to train professionals of the future, responding to the training or specialization needs that the market demands at all times to expand the technical profile of professionals and their labor competitiveness.


We base our activity on innovation, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit. We not only transmit knowledge, but we also want to instill in our students professional skills so that they can get the most out of them as experts.


At INISEG we believe that it is important to teach concepts but even more as they are learned. Therefore, we offer quality information based on its practical application and being as dynamic as possible so that it is an effective and entertaining learning. .

One step beyond

INISEG has other important collaborators that make possible the educational mission as an organization, creating one of the most modern digital historical documentation centers in the Security area that will allow students and users in general to have important and relevant data in this area.

Among the sections that users will find in this complete website we can name some very important ones such as webinars, educational workshops, classroom and volunteer activities inserted in some training programs, general events, seminars, digital fairs, most important training fairs in the sector, among others. many publications that will always be updated for the benefit of all those interested.

Thanks to its trajectory and to the permanent exchange with students from all over the world, INISEG starts with a network of contacts, alliances and important agreements with leading entities of the sector and

whose objective is to provide the greatest possible access to the study that all interested users want to achieve.

INISEG defines three main lines of action:

  • Generation of relevant knowledge in International Security Studies
  • Communication of relevant knowledge in International Security Studies
  • Training and establishment of specialists


  • Madrid

    Paseo de las delicias, 31, 28045, Madrid

  • Zamora

    Postigo de Nuestra Señora 2, , Zamora