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The IC2MP (Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers : Materials and Natural Resources) is a multidisciplinary research institute established in 2012 (Director: Sabine Petit), specialized in the study of materials (clays, catalysts, …), natural environment (water, soil, …), and reactions (natural or caused). The Institute focuses particularly on the synthesis, the decontamination and the exploitation of natural resources. The Institute depends on two institutions: the CNRS and the University of Poitiers (UMR CNRS 7285). This institute is the result of the merge of all or part of four laboratories of Chemistry and Geosciences with a recognition by the CNRS dating from about forty years. These four laboratories were: Laboratory of Catalysis in Organic Chemistry (LACCO, UMR 6503) Laboratory Synthesis and Reactivity of Natural Substances (SRSN, UMR 6514), Laboratory of Chemistry and Microbiology of Water (LCME, UMR 6008 – Team water chemistry and water treatment ) Laboratory of Hydrogeology, clays, soils and alterations (hydrasa, UMR 6269).

IC2MP in figures: The Institute has a staff of 250 people: 100 researchers (75 faculty members from the University of Poitiers and 25 CNRS), 50 permanent staff to support research (26 from university and 24 CNRS), 86 Ph.D. students and 14 postdocs and temporary staff. It covers 13,055 m2 together on campus science from the University of Poitiers, in the premises of the SFA Faculty and ENSIP. It offers analytical and experimental means exceptional platform to ENSIP waters, hydrogeological experimental site labeled (SEH) and plots on the site forbids; park large equipment: electron accelerator, SEM, microtomography X-ray, NMR, XPS, low-mass spectrometers and high-resolution ones (GC / MS, LC / MS, GC / MS-MS, LC / MS-MS, MALDI-TOF) … IC2MP develops many partnerships with industrial fabrics (ADEME, ANDRA, AREVA, CNES, France Agrimer, HONDA, IFP, IRSN, LAFARGE, Pierre Fabre, OSEO, Rhodia, Sanofi, SAUR, Suez, Total, Veolia, …). The average annual amount of private contracts is to 1 million euros or about 15% of the consolidated budget of the Institute. IC2MP covers a continuum of scientific and technical know-how from the research of clean processes, including the development of materials, synthesis, and characterization of natural and synthetic molecules, the processes of pollution, through the study of transfers and reactivities in the natural environment, particularly in water and soil. The fields of application concern the energy, materials and natural resources in a sustainable environment.


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