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IM – Digital Business School

IM – Digital Business School

IM – Digital Business School


IM is the first business school specialized in high performance digital marketing.

Aligned with the digital education plan of the European Union 2021/2027, we train high-performance digital marketers through a unique methodology that combines training in technical skills with training in performance skills , which, when operating together, manage to raise the rate of business results and projects they lead.

These High Digital Performance profiles are in great demand in private and public companies. We manage this demand through the Digital Careers department, which is in charge of connecting our students with the vacant positions they ask us to fill.

The focus of our programs

We approach the training of professionals for the new generation of digital businesses from a transversal vision: marketing , communication and digital business , with specialized masters that stand out for a deep and updated syllabus, where all the subjects are practical and taught by active experts.

All our master's degrees have a double degree with 100% practical subjects, which added to a virtual campus without competition in other European schools and a methodology that tracks your performance giving you periodic feedback, we make sure that you evolve in the right direction, create a unique experience that translates into highly trained and competitive professionals who stand out in the selection processes.


Our school was conceived almost as a placement agency, our final goal is the same as yours: that you access quality digital employment, that you advance in your profession, or that you undertake with all the guarantees of success in the digital area.

So we work with a LSAs bo powerful single job for their expertise in digital profiles that are in constant demand and placement of specialized profiles like Jessica in large companies in Spain.

Jessica tells you first hand


Studying digital marketing is not the same as studying High Performance Digital Marketing

Thanks to the High Performance methodology, you incorporate more technical skills, as well as performance skills, which make you stand out for knowledge and results in the demanding and competitive digital environment.



Offer the best training in Digital Marketing and make it available to everyone . Digital marketing should not be the property of a few companies.

We educate, inspire and collaborate with a community of students, alumni, professors and professionals of the sector fostering a living and active network. A relational system to support one another in the intricate digital environment.


  • Barcelona

    Fisica, 13-17 L.2, 08038, Barcelona

  • Madrid

    Plaza de Carlos Trias Bertrán, 4, 28020, Madrid

  • Barcelona

    Carrer de la Física,13-17, 08038, Barcelona