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Founded in 1993 in Puebla, Mexico, Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Dirección de Empresas (IESDE) is positioning itself as a reference business school in Latin America. Established to develop professional skills among executives and to train top management leaders. IESDE aims to prepare students under an integral scope, and for 20 years has taught more than 2,000 professionals, CEOs, and managers from Puebla and other cities in Mexico. In 2012, IESDE signed a collaboration agreement with INCAE, the best business school in Latin America (according to América Economía MBA Ranking 2013), with the purpose of writing together case studies on companies from this region.


Priscilla Lotman

Operations Manager Front Shore, Willemstad, Curaçao "The Executive Master in Financial Management Program was truly a career-changer for me. I found my “niche” during one of the exchange programs and I am now continuously working to expand and improve the financial industry in Curaçao through Islamic finance and sustainable and ethical finance. This program provided me with the right tools and confidence to do so."

Marlene La Cruz Maduro

Manager Business Special Loans at RBC Royal Bank NV Curaçao "I started with the Executive Masters in Financial Management Program in June 2010 and finished in November 2011. It was a great experience to participate in the program. The courses were very interesting and furthermore, all professors were very qualified. The fact that we could also follow courses in Lebanon, Holland and New York made the program extraordinary. Namely, by doing this we could share the experience with students from other countries. I strongly recommend participating in this program."

Sami Fakhoury

CEO Tamweel Capital, Lebanon Graduate 2010 "The Executive Master in Financial Management program helped me enhance my knowledge in Financial Markets it also gave me the opportunity to meet and benefit from the experience of great professors that are leaders in the Financial Industry. Now I can proudly say that I am a holder of an internationally recognized diploma."

Margarita Heredia Soto

Director of Academic Affairs at IESDE and GEMFM Mexico Program Coordinator "IESDE is not just a business school specialized in top management, it is a space where entrepreneurs and leaders spend time together, share experiences and learn from each other. IESDE provides the tools that participants need to improve their management and leadership skills enabling them to successfully face the changing global world. IESDE has an academically prepared faculty with an extensive professional experience which allows very interesting sessions. In conclusion, IESDE transforms lives, both professional and in personal ways."

Herberto Rodríguez Regordosa

Vice President for research and graduate programs at UPAEP University "The joint venture between the GEMFM Global Inc. and IESDE to launch the Global Executive Masters in Financial Management in Mexico, is a breakthrough: together both institutions are offering a world-class program, taught by world-class experienced faculty and carefully tailored for finance professionals that need a perfect match between knowledge and practice to add value to their organizations."

Prof. Dr. Jaap Spronk

Full Professor of Financial Management Science, Academic Dean MBA Programs, Academic Director GEMFMPrograms, RSM "The 18-month part-time Executive Masters in Financial Management is a challenging program. It distinguishes itself by using a PRET approach as well as a multi-dimensional view of financial decision-making. The PRET approach is the combination and integration of problem orientation, decision tools, theory, and empirics. This means that you will get a solid foundation in finance but combined with a hands-on managerial way of working. The setting of the GEMFM, in the very diverse and dynamic environment of RSM cooperating with IESDE, makes it a very rewarding experience. We will be happy to welcome you to the program!"

Mauricio Pardo

FT MBA 2013 Consultant for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Mexico City "The diversity of the RSM classroom has surpassed my expectations. My classmates are well selected and high-quality professionals and are keen to participate, which produces a benefit for all of us. Everyone has contributed to the classroom. I find out about other people and their plans; I get new ideas and learn something new every week from the other students as well as the teachers. I’m growing and I love it. I am accustomed to working with Mexicans and Latin Americans and have worked with Europeans, but had no opportunity to work with Asians or Africans before and knew this would be very enriching for me. I’ve noticed that diversity in the MBA classroom is not only about culture but also career background; we get different points of view from those with a background in marketing or consulting, for example.

Lesley Juarez Edwards

"The leadership program really drew me to RSM. I’m not a “finance person”, I'm more on the leadership side of things. What I needed was the foundation of skills across all management disciplines that an MBA gives. Even though I was working hard on stuff I was not familiar with, like finance operations management, I really needed something to motivate me further. The MBA experience pushes you here to learn to learn, think strategically, to really think by yourself and see everything in a completely different way. I just questioned everything. The MBA means that you start getting new information and opening your eyes to new stuff that you didn’t know existed."

Christelle Abboud

Senior Financial Advisor Capital Markets "As a Senior Financial Consultant, I spent a tremendous amount of time looking for a complete executive program that would add a real value to my career. And today, I consider myself extremely lucky to have selected the The Executive Master in Financial Management program at ESA, as it proved to be the most appropriate program, taking into consideration the international caliber of the teachers, the meticulously chosen program and modules and, last but not least, the great selection of the participants. This program has helped me refine my general knowledge in Finance and in Business in general. It also helped me acquire new ways of thinking and new views on global topics. On a personal level, it allowed me to follow a strict discipline while also offering a considerable flexibility and understanding to my professional needs. In addition to that, I would like to highlight that it was very pleasant and helpful to meet interesting people, all very successful in diverse fields, and be able to share experiences and develop new friendships. I personally highly appreciated the possibility of adding a second degree in investment banking, by only attending a one-week intensive program, and of course, I took the opportunity without even hesitating: the whole trip was very well organized and the professors made it worth every effort. My experience at ESA was fulfilling on many levels and I would not mind repeating it if I find again, a suitable program that will cater to my aspirations." "


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