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国际教育学Institute, Foreign Affairs Office Profile

国际教育学Institute was established in March 2005, is the school in order to meet the new educational situation, to further expand the areas of education, enrich education in the form of the establishment of the institute. The main responsibility of the college is to be responsible for the enrollment, teaching management, student management, implementation of international Chinese language education and overseas cooperative education projects, and study abroad consulting services for international students in China. The main responsibilities of the Foreign Affairs Office are to implement the national foreign policy and education foreign affairs policy, plan and manage the school's international cooperation and exchanges, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan affairs.国际教育学Institute and the Foreign Affairs Office under one roof, outside under the Section, Division of teaching and the student section three section-level institutions.

国际教育学Institute in 2005 began training in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Zambia, Tanzania and other "along the way" along the country foreign students. So far, more than 400 self-funded undergraduate international students of MBBS program have been trained. There are currently 132 students in school. 85% of the international students who have graduated have obtained the qualifications of practicing physicians, and 10% of the graduates choose to continue their studies. The quality of our school's medical undergraduate education in China has been well received by the relevant departments of the country of origin.

In recent years,国际教育学Institute has been active and effective exploration and practice in China to study education teacher training, teaching reform, style construction, Chinese culture and education, it has been named the "Jiangxi China to study education advanced unit" " Member Unit of International Medical Education Branch of China Education International Exchange Association" and "Governing Unit of Jiangxi Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries ".

The Foreign Affairs Office actively carries out international cooperation and exchanges, and cultivates and develops overseas education cooperation projects through multiple channels and channels. So far, it has established cooperative relations with 13 schools, medical and scientific research institutions, including Lincoln Memorial University and Daegu Oriental Medical University. Established three bases and a collaborative unit. The First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College became the clinical teaching base of Lincoln Memorial University, our school established a teacher-student training base at Lincoln Memorial University, and a neurosurgery department at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lille, France The training base is a cooperative unit with the German Heart Center (Berlin). The Foreign Affairs Office actively provides services for first-line outstanding teachers and researchers to go abroad to give lectures, research, study for degrees, and participate in international academic conferences; actively carry out various student overseas exchange programs such as mutual recognition of credits, exchange of student visits, and student study tours. In the 2016 evaluation of the internationalization of undergraduate colleges in the province announced in 2017, our school ranked in the top ten comprehensively, and four individual rankings, including bilingual teaching courses and overseas visits by teachers, entered the top ten.


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