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Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK)

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK)

Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University (FSV UK)


Charles University (CU) was founded in Prague in 1348 by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and belongs among the oldest, largest, and most prestigious universities in the world. Charles University is currently ranked among the top 2% of the world´s universities in Shanghai University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities. It is the number one university in Eastern Europe according to The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.

The Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV UK)) is the second newest faculty of Charles University. Shortly after its creation in 1990, the Faculty became a regional center of teaching and research in economics, sociology, political science, international relations, area studies, media studies, and journalism.

Profile: The Faculty of Social Sciences offers some of the highest quality Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degree programs in Central and Eastern Europe in all fields of social sciences. Many of our alumni continue their studies at top universities in the United States and the United Kingdom (Harvard, Columbia, LSE, Cambridge, etc.) or they succeed in competitions for highly qualified jobs.

The Faculty's mission is the promotion of learning and the protection of knowledge, the cultivation of free thought, independent academic research, and the support of the creative spirit of human society. The Faculty´s main objective is to develop teaching and research in those aspects of the social sciences which directly or indirectly relate to the public administration or to the economic and cultural life of society.

International cooperation: FSV UK emphasizes the development of foreign cooperation. Firstly, by developing and strengthening scientific bonds, student and academic mobility, and, secondly, by offering English language degree programs. Throughout the academic year, the Faculty regularly organizes guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and conferences in English. They take place in cooperation with the Faculty´s partner universities in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East.


Facts and figures

Currently, the Faculty has around 5000 full-time students. Approximately 1000 of them are enrolled in one of our English language degree programs. FSV UK has one of the highest international mobility participation rates of all the faculties of Charles University. Each year it welcomes around 500 exchange students from all over the world.

    Campus Features

    Most of our students live in private rental accommodation in the very heart of your city. Due to the fact that we have been around for almost 80 years, the market has adjusted to the students' needs and the spacious flats in the historical buildings have been remodelled and refurbished to serve as student shared flats. That way you have all you need within your reach. It is about five minutes walk to the main faculty building and about twenty minutes on foot to the University Hospital. Prices are very reasonable (around 250EUR/month) and you can share the apartment with your friends from the same year or with senior students who will share invaluable life hack tips with you. At the same time we do have a University Hostel which offers basic shared accommodation in dorms which is a bit cheaper (120EUR/month), rooms and facilities are shared, but so is everything else, knowledge, experience, fun.

      Why study at Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

      We have been organizing Czech medical study programs for almost 80 years (1945) and English study programs for almost 30 years (1992). Charles University is one of the oldest universities in the Central Europe (1348) and can secure you a high-quality education which will open many doors for you. You can decide between clinical practice, research medicine, teaching in medicine or any combination of those. You can work in Czechia, anywhere in Europe or in the world even, a lot of your graduates have successfully started their careers overseas.

      We combine tradition with modern teaching methods. So, our students learn anatomy with real cadavers but at the same time practice their lifesaving skills on phantoms and simulators before they treat real patients. In our simulation centre we can prepare you for scenarios that may be scarce in practice, but your resolve would be critical should you be facing them one they.

      We are a small faculty (350 international students), we know each other, we take care of each other. If you want to grow in a safe environment but at the same time be presented with a challenging field of study that will push you to give your best and to strive to find a better future for all, come and study with us.

      Campus Life & Facilities

      One of great benefits or our faculty is that we have a specialized Medical Library, which has all the necessary study materials ready for you. Textbooks, books, magazines, articles, offline, online, all of it is free of charge for all our students.

      Places to study and relax are available at each of our buildings, this includes PC rooms, study rooms with books you can just take from the shelfs, relax zone with kettle and microwave and some beanbags. A lot of cafes around the city are adjusted to student needs, so small tables with lamps or larger tables for group study and at the same time coffee and snacks within reach.

      Sport facilities run under our Department of Physical Education. The department offers to students a wide variety of sport activities to choose from. In particular, we monitor students' interests in further development and achievements in physical activities. (eg Basketball, BodyForm, Men's Combat Techniques, SmartFit-HIIT, CORE-pilates, BOSU, Fitness, Floorball, Power Yoga, Sun Yoga, Canoeing, Climbing on artificial wall, Swimming, Futsal, Football, Hip Hop, Latin American dance, Self-defense for women, Spinning, Squash, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Zumba, GYM workout, Archery, Fitness for girls, Port de Bras, Badminton…) Should you be a passionate sports person you can also represent our uni in the university leagues in various sports (basket, football, volleyball, running, canoeing, futsal, dancing and a lot more).

      Apart from courses within the teaching, the department also offers a lot of extracurricular activities and courses during breaks (orienteering, canoeing, air rifle shooting, croquet, pétanque, ringo, intercross, badminton, streetball, frisbee, kin-ball, climbing, archery, cross-country skiing, skiing).

      We care about your wellbeing, physical and mental, thus we do have a GP and a Dentist for our international students. And there is also a University Counselling Center for International Students which provides free, voluntary and confidential service to any student who might find herself in need of consultation.

      From day one you will be a member of a great international family including Czech students as well. Our first-year students can sign up for buddies - Czech students who volunteered to be mentors to their international students and to introduce them to Czech culture and customs, to show them around our city and to take them in on events and trips. Plus there is an International Student Union an organization formed by senior students who take care of freshers. They organize orientation week, cultural events, parties, sports events and many more.

      Hradec Kralove or HK as we call it is a city located in a lowland on the joint of two rivers. This means that the whole region is perfect for cycling, walks in nature and many more. Mountains and rock formations are about an hour away, so you can easily go hiking, skiing, rock climbing, downhill riding, whatever you feel like. We do have football, basketball, volleyball, floorball teams at the uni, but you can also join one of the local teams in hockey, football, rugby or play tennis, golf. There is several saunas natural ones and indoor ones as well.

      The historical centre is beautiful and has a few landmarks we cherish to this day. We love spending time in the cascades of ramparts, which are hidden from plain view and offer walls of roses, little vineyards, benches and serenity. On the main square, there is a variety of cafes big or small, exposed or hidden, traditional or modern. The same goes for restaurants and the food offer, Czech, Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, burgers, bowls, soups in edible cups...take your pick.

      We have a lot of greenery in the city, big parks and playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and everything is close by. We mostly walk or cycle as we can cover most of the usual routes in about 20-30minutes. If you are in a hurry there is a possibility to rent a bike or a scooter right on the street. For cold rainy days, there is public transportation of course.


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