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Don Bosco International Media Academy

Don Bosco International Media Academy

Don Bosco International Media Academy


DBIMA is a cinema school founded by Media Professionals and Award-winning cinema experts. The courses are uniquely tailored to prepare students for the new creative economy in cinema. We offer a European Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Audiovisual and a European Master of Arts in Cinema and Audiovisual. Taught in small classroom settings, each student receives one-on-one instruction. We also provide elite-level industry technology, by giving hands-on experience and an edge in helping them find future employment. Students on our campus grow with the knowledge and opportunities with the thought on leadership, training, and tools.

Learn Collaborate Discover Certification

Learn essential skills and develop your talents within a team setting. Work on engaging projects.

Meet and create with others from different cultures. Make lifetime friends, collaborators and future colleagues.Have the opportunity to visit Paris and take a ‘Study Travel’ course to see different parts of France and Europe.Our Diplomas are certificated by EABHES for Europe and recognized in more than 138 countries worldwide.


Founded by working media professionals and experienced professors, the DBIMA courses are uniquely formulated to prepare students for the new creative economy in cinema. Taught in small classroom settings, each student receives one-on-one instruction time and is supplied with their own computer workstation equipped with the same software used by industry professionals worldwide.

We also provide elite-level industry technology unavailable in most schools, giving our students essential hands-on experience and an edge in helping them find future employment.

Grow your knowledge and your opportunities with thought leadership, training, and tools.

Aims & Ethos

The media industry is growing quickly worldwide, expected to reach approximately USD 6,709.4 billion by 2030. But education in arts and media is expensive, depriving passionate and talented youth of the chance to study and gain employment in this burgeoning field.

The mission of the Don Bosco International Media Academy is to offer every student regardless of economic means the best education in a technically advanced and artistically supportive environment.

This mission is at the center of the broader mission of the Salesian Society of Don Bosco, recognized by governments worldwide as an international organization distinguished for its education of the underprivileged and youth at risk.

Objectives Pedagogical

  • Deliver a professional, artistic, and technically sound education focused on preparing students for emerging opportunities in the new creative economy in cinema.
  • Identify the talents, strengths, and passions of the individual student and help them plan a path to success.
  • Give students hands-on instruction on the actual equipment and software to be used in their professional, not on the less expensive semi-professional alternatives used by many institutions.
  • Aid alumni students connect to job opportunities with an online job marketplace seen by professionals around the world.
  • Provide a teacher-to-student ratio far lower than most institutions.

Objectives Sociological

  • Keep tuition fees affordable and inclusive to those who would not otherwise have the means to study in this field.
  • Provide tuition-free education to selected talented candidates from around the world. If you require assistance with tuition please contact us.
  • Foster the development of a new generation of global media professionals. Artists and craftspeople are not just equipped with technical skills but with a deep commitment and passion for what they do. Future citizens endowed with a conscience, inspired to give back and help bring peace and harmony to humanity throughout their careers.

EABHES Accreditation

Our Bachelor and Master programs are accredited by EABHES which guarantees:

  • Enhanced international recruitment and reputation due to their participation in the Bologna Process and compliance with European standards.
  • Competitive graduate employment rates due to the international recognition of your programs.
  • Quality assurance of academic programs and school management due to EABHES auditing and supervision services for Accreditation.
  • Stability and sustainable development are derived from the solid operational framework that is created based on the holistic and collaborative approach of EABHES Accreditation.
  • Student mobility due to international recognition of ECTS credits.
  • Contribution to pedagogical innovation and academic excellence through EABHES Community, the place to share best practices and facilitate international dialogue in education.

Campus Features

Located in one of Paris’ most vibrant and creative neighborhoods, famous for French legends such as Maurice Chevalier and Édith Piaf, students enjoy and are inspired by the city’s rich cultural history.

Students study together and can visit world-class museums and galleries making their time in Paris memorable and rewarding.


    DBIMA students are coming from all over the world. Passionate about filmmaking, they aim to become specialized professionals and to get integrated right after their studies in the professional world. There is no age limit and students must pass their High School Diploma as the minimum of requirement. Most of our students are between 18 and 29 years old.

      Scholarships and Funding

      According to the Don Bosco philosophy, DBIMA offers tuition reductions (up to 30%) to a limited number of students who demonstrate financial need and personal difficulties. A special committee examines each demand of early applicants.


      • Paris

        Rue Alexandre Dumas,75, 75020, Paris