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Dnipropetrovsk National University

Dnipropetrovsk National University

Dnipropetrovsk National University


The University is rightly proud of a whole galaxy of outstanding scientists - academicians and corresponding members of national academies of Sciences of Ukraine and other countries, professors who with their original ideas and research enriched the potential of domestic science, gained national and international recognition. Among them - GV Kurdyumov, VI Danilov, IE Ogievetsky, SM Nikolsky, DO Svirenko, OM Dinnik, LV Pisarzhevsky, DI Yavornytsky , VS Budnyk, TF Gerasyuta, VI Mossakovsky, OL Belgard, AP Travleev, IF Kovaleva, VP Motorny and many others.

Thanks to the efforts of leading scientists and the entire teaching staff of the university, well-known scientific schools in the field of mathematics, mechanics, radiophysics and radio electronics, rocket and space technology, neurocybernetics, biotechnology, inorganic chemistry, historiography, historiography have been created and successfully developed. , German studies, literary and linguistics, etc. Fundamental research of classical DNU is multidisciplinary, which makes the university different from other free educational institutions in the region. The achievements of scientists of the university are marked by numerous state and branch awards, prizes, grants of foreign scientific and educational institutions.


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