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Cuiavian University in Wloclawek

Cuiavian University in Wloclawek

Cuiavian University in Wloclawek


Cuiavian University in Włocławek (called CU for short) is a non-state-owned college founded in 1995 by the Włocławek Scholarly Association. The CU offers courses at the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and post-graduate levels in the following faculties: Administration, Economics, Pedagogics, National Defence, Vocational safety, Construction, Logistics, Transport, Nursing, and Physiotherapy. Within each faculty course, there are certain specialties. The College offers master’s degree courses in Pedagogics. The Faculty of Pedagogics obtained accreditation from the National Accrediting Commission; the Faculty of Nursing was granted a positive evaluation from the National Accreditation Committee of Medical Education.

The College also offers a wide range of postgraduate courses. CU's mission is to provide its students with a comprehensive education in the field of humanities and economics, linguistics, and computer science, based on modern programs designed by renowned specialists. The College – apart from its educational activities – carries out a wide range of scientific research. Within almost fifteen years of its operations, Cuiavian University in Włocławek has hosted and organized more than 120 international and country-wide conferences, seminars, scientific sessions, and open lectures.


  • Wloclawek

    plac Wolności,1, 87-800, Wloclawek