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Chancellor University is a highly motivated, energetic team of business scholars, academics, and practitioners who are working diligently on transforming our 160-year-old university into a regional powerhouse for business education and innovation. We offer a cutting-edge instructional environment that matches the fast-paced, demanding needs of today's global educational marketplace.

At Chancellor University, we believe that local colleges and universities can do more to help regional and national businesses expand and prosper. We also believe that regional colleges, universities, and firms are truly interdependent and that all parties should be working together to advance regional business interests.

The undergraduate division is home to business degrees, paralegal and applied information technology degrees. Students can study many different specializations, from accounting and corporate management to sports management.

Chancellor University offers the eight-week Accelerated Degree Program and numerous learning and scheduling options for students, including a fully online program for the adult learner.

At Chancellor University, we see you now and we see you then.

What does this mean? Simple.

  • We see you now.

Where you are, who you are. We see that you have unique potential and needs. We understand that you need the opportunity to get a better education to achieve your dreams and goals.

As Your Opportunity University, we will help you get the education you need. Whatever it takes. We want to remove any obstacle you may encounter in getting the education you want, need, and deserve.

We offer financial aid assistance.

We offer relevant programs to match your needs and potential.

We offer academic advising.

We offer tutoring.

We offer ongoing career services.

  • We see you then.

We see you after you have successfully completed your education at Chancellor University. We see you equipped with practical and relevant skills that enable you to be successful in your chosen career. We see you making a difference in your job as well as giving back to your community.

We see you as a whole person with real potential, with inherent talent, with a passion to take advantage of all the opportunity the world holds.

We want to be your university of choice for the rest of your life offering all the educational resources you need now to get the job you want, as well as offering the tools you'll need then to keep yourself sharp and relevant in an ever-changing world.

Thanks for considering Chancellor University. We hope to see you soon.


  • Cleveland

    Main Campus Chancellor University 6000 Lombardo Center Drive Suite 200, Ohio 44131, Cleveland