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Chambers College The Master of Christian Liberal Arts (MCLA)
Chambers College

The Master of Christian Liberal Arts (MCLA)

Greeley, USA

120 Hours


Full time

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Sep 2023

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The Master of Christian Liberal Arts degree program is designed to academically and spiritually help the scholar develop vision through knowledge of Biblical truth and provide additional effective tools for the scholar to advance the cause of Christ in society. Additionally, the program is to help the student grow in analytical thinking and knowledge of God's Word and ways.

The M.C.L.A. program is for the student who has a Bachelors's degree from a secular institution but desires to add formal Christian education to his/her knowledge base. It is also designed for those who already have extensive formal Bible college training but wish to concentrate in a particular field of Christian studies utilizing the liberal arts approach.

The Chambers College Master of Christian Liberal Arts program is structured yet adaptable to the individual student's goals and knowledge inventory. Many courses may be completed off-campus, and many courses are offered in a module format, giving students scheduling flexibility.

4. Areas of Concentration

You may declare a major by completing 12 hours in a single major field. You are not required to declare a major.

a. Business and Public Policy from a Christian World View

Biblical foundations of business and precepts for Christian statesmanship. The student will be able to navigate these areas with a Christian worldview.

b. Christian Education

A program to prepare students to successfully teach in and/or manage specialized education programs such as children's, youth, seniors' ministries, Christian school programs, outreach programs, etc.

c. Christian Philology

A philosophical, literary, and theological study focusing on a deep understanding of God's Word and its application to the day's issues.

d. Communications

Understanding and practicing various forms of communication used historically and in the present culture.

e. Management of Religious Institutions

Preparation to serve Christ effectively in the business side of religious institutions such as churches, parochial schools, mission agencies, and parachurch organizations.

f. Pastoral Ministry

Preparation for pastoral duties such as preaching, teaching, and counseling in churches here and abroad.

g. Sacred Music

Prepares students to participate professionally in the church's music ministries, including accompanying, directing, writing and arranging, and creating and managing church music programs.

h. Women's Ministries

Prepares the student to serve Christ effectively by meeting needs through Biblical hospitality and Christian education in various settings.

i. Christian Apologetics

Determining and developing persuasive arguments for the defense of Christianity and the Bible in different environments. Prepares the student to discern and respond to the issues of the day.

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