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Sep 2023

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The Master in Corporate Compliance accredited by the San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) and the CEUPE European Postgraduate Center is a benchmark in the postgraduate online training that provides, in an eminently practical way, the necessary competencies, skills, abilities, and knowledge that you need the legal area of ​​a business company. The organizations seek, under the figure of the compliance officer, to lay the foundations for a solid corporate prevention policy, limiting the legal responsibility of companies, and carrying out a task of raising awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility among the different functional departments.

Compliance means "compliance", comply with the law. Corporate compliance can be defined as a good corporate governance program, aimed at the prevention of crimes by companies, and which is either imposed by law or assumed by corporate responsibility.

All companies have the obligation to adopt preventive and control measures and for this, they need professionals from the legal or managerial field who establish these corporate policies to comply with the standard. There are more than 31 related crimes, among which are: economic crimes, fraud, disclosure of company secrets by an employee, investor fraud, corruption in the field of individuals, bribery, influence peddling, and alleged tax crimes.

One of the formulas that companies have to avoid this criminal responsibility is that companies adopt control measures regarding possible crimes that may be related to their activity.

The Master in Corporate Compliance accredited by the San Antonio Catholic University (UCAM) is a complete online training program with its own university degree, whose curriculum (pensum), teaching and evaluation meet the academic quality criteria established by the European Education Area Superior (EEES) that grants 60 ECTS European Credit Transfer System and is subject to the Collaboration Agreement that CEUPE-European Postgraduate Center maintains with the Universidad Católica San Antonio (UCAM).

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