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CEUPE's Mission is to train its students through 100% practical training and its own online methodology called "Alumni" that addresses their human dimension, to guarantee them a quick and efficient insertion into the world of work or the updating of knowledge that improves and make your professional profile more competitive.


CEUPE's Vision is to be the Online Business School in Spanish of international reference, both for its pedagogical methodology and for the excellent quality of its training programs.


There are three convictions of CEUPE that it elevates to Philosophy of work and values:

1st.- Every human being has the right to be trained and have access to quality programs, especially those with limited resources, for whom CEUPE - European Center for Graduate Studies and Business offers a wide variety of Direct Financial Aid Programs for Study. All the training it imparts is of quality, global, and socially responsible, providing fair and ethical values ​​to it.

2nd.- Personalization through the adaptation of its training offer to each student, because each of its students is unique and that is how it treats them, personalizing their training actions through tutorials, stimulating their active collaboration, and fostering networking and relationships interpersonal to obtain immediately applicable results in your daily activity.

3rd.- Empathy, because at all times, the entire team of people that makes up CEUPE strives to, putting itself in the place of the student, better understand their training needs and offer them the best solutions.


  • Madrid

    Costanilla de San Pedro, 2, 28005, Madrid