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Higher Education in Slovenia
The national interest in education for all ages makes Slovenia an ideal college destination. Slovenia’s education system is rated #12 best in the world and #4 in the EU. The national literacy rate is 99.6%.

The University of Ljubljana, in the city of the same name, is considered Slovenia’s central university and is superb, ranked in the top 3% of best universities in the world. Other major universities include:

  • The University of Maribor (public)
  • The University of Primorska (public)
  • The University of Nova Gorica system (private)
  • The Euro-Mediterranean University of Slovenia (EMUNI), the only international university in Slovenia

Tuition rates vary according to field of study and are listed here at the Slovenian tolar (SIT) rate, which has been replaced by the Euro (€). As of this writing, one Euro equals $239.649 SIT. The Euro:US dollar exchange rate is 0.77€:$1.00.

  • Social science study programs for one year = $1,500 SIT = $8.19 US
  • The arts, natural sciences, and technology study programs for one year = $2,000 SIT = $10.92 US

Some foreign students can obtain tuition exemptions in certain circumstances. Learn about these exemptions from the International Cooperation Service of the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport.

The nation’s diverse animal life makes it an excellent place to study veterinary sciences while its abundance of forests and plant life provide the ideal setting to study botany and horticulture. Students interested in the study of natural sciences will find Slovenia’s remarkable biodiversity becomes a living laboratory replete with unique study opportunities.

Slovenia’s rich history brings the arts alive. Many students choose Slovenian universities for in-depth study of European culture, including linguistics, history, and the humanities. The University of Ljubjana even operates its own art gallery.

Slovenia’s cultural diversity makes it an exceptional location to study international relations, foreign policy, and language arts but science and technology hold a strong place in Slovenian academics, too, where the study of medicine and dentistry are encouraged.

Student Visas
Students wishing to enroll in a Slovenian university must obtain a temporary residence permit before entering the country for the first time. The following five conditions must be met before a student visa will be issued:

  • Proof of acceptance to a Slovenian educational institution
  • Proof that the student has the money to cover the cost of living in Slovenia during the education process
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof that the student has no criminal record in his or her mother country
  • Proof of a valid passport

Slovene is the official national language but Italian, Hungarian, and Romani are legally protected, too. 

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