Masters in protocol design, creation and management of corporate and institutional events


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Program Description


When we talk about events, we refer to acts of social relationships that are organized to convey a message to a targeted audience with the aim of achieving a result in this audience.

In order to develop an event properly, we need to unite many disciplines, creativity, staging, production, protocol, research of our public, marketing, of course corporate communication of the institution and so on.

The master in PROTOCOL, DESIGN, CREATION AND ADDRESS OF CORPORATE EVENTS AND INSTITUTIONAL, of the International School of Protocol It is a highly competitive program that prepares and enables the student to professional development Creation, Management and Design Events and Institutional Relations.

This program is developed, based on industry growth forecasts suggest that all the consequent increase in the budget earmarked for organizations creating corporate events.


The programs are developed in a modular way in order to make them more readable and manageable in the logical evolution of the learning process and the study methodology is based on three fundamental questions :.

B-LEARNING one classroom combining classroom teaching with online work system where students study adapts to its particular circumstances of time, place and work space is established.


Module 1. Design, Building and Planning Events - 6 ECTS

  • the breefing
  • Creativity and innovation event
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Time management
  • bussines plan

Module 2. Management and Corporate Event Management - 8 ECTS

  • Fundamentals of Economics
  • Management skills
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Coaching
  • CSR and Sustainability
  • Spokesperson training

Module 3. Global Communication Management at Events - 10 ECTS

  • general theory of communication
  • Events and media
  • Event Marketing
  • The corporate image and brand the Identity events-
  • Advertising and Public Relations events

Module 4. Organization of protocol Techniques - 4 ECTS

  • Protocol concept
  • Treatment of host
  • presidencies
  • Management systems
  • Types of tables
  • The program and its technical

Module 5. Protocol and Events. Areas of the Protocol - 6 ECTS

  • Official Protocol
  • legislation protocol
  • Protocol Company
  • social protocol and personal image
  • Restaurant and Catering
  • International Protocol
  • Military Protocol

Module 6. Organization Acts ordinary work 5 ECTS

  • inaugurations
  • Receptions and receptions
  • Conferences
  • Product presentations
  • Organization Summit
  • The first stones
  • The budgets
  • Congress Organization

Module 7. Management and Running Events- 10 ECTS

  • Set Design and Staging
  • Introduction to event production
  • Official events Workshop
  • Workshop Corporate Events
  • Workshop Events
  • Workshop Sporting Events
  • The Catering in Events

8. Practice module Professionals- 5 ECTS

Module 9. End of Master- 6 ECTS

Practices and job

The International School of Protocol is available to students career guidance service from which educational practices are managed and the jobs that companies do reach the EIP are channeled.

educational practices

Practices intended student comprehensive training through a parallel educational program at the university and enterprise combining theory and practice. The Master in Protocol, Design, Creation and Event Management includes in its curriculum 5 ECTS internship School currently has numerous agreements with companies and public institutions, which allows each year all students who wish or credit have minimum knowledge required to make their actual practices in organizing events and other related responsibilities cabinets event organization, marketing, advertising, corporate communications and institutional relations.

Similarly, the EIP promotes its own actions, under the direction of qualified experts, manage the students and having another opportunity to approach the real market. Finally the school, through its company event organization, OVC, encourages the participation of students and assistants, junior, senior and coordinators in all events organized, which is not only a perfect complement to their training, but the beginning of their development and professional maturity. This is a hybrid learning in the classroom work, the teacher explains contents, organized labor, calls for the development of tasks, proposed axioms, answers questions, etc. united all the work and research online where to carry out tasks either individually or through collaborative work is encouraged, thus developing their skills, performing continuous controls self-assessment.

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La Escuela Internacional de Protocolo es uno de los primeros centros en España que entre sus planes de formación ofrece cursar estudios universitarios tanto de grado como de postgrado y cursos de especialización en Organización de Eventos, Protocolo y Relaciones Institucionales. Estas títulaciones están avaladas por la Universidad Europea de Madrid. Read less
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