Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Program Description

Why study logistics and supply chain management at the LCL?

  • Variety of opportunities for research collaborations as well as career opportunities for graduates offered in Luxembourg a major European and international financial centre and home to many headquarters and logistics firms;
  • Focus on logistics, supply chain and finance from a Luxembourgish perspective;
  • Concentrate on analytical problem solving and supply chain management leadership skills;
  • Participate in the successful MIT Supply Chain Management curriculum;
  • Benefit from the MIT Global Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence (SCALE) network;
  • Join the cross-disciplinary environment at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance;
  • Multicultural environment and cohort fostering a team work approach;
  • Individual supervision encouraging active participation by students;
  • Programme ranked #1 in the world by Eduniversal together with the other MIT SCALE centres.


Program highlights

MIT SCALE interaction
3-week programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston with students from the MIT SCALE Network’s centres.

Corporate interaction
Master thesis on the research conducted with a local partner company.

Focus on management
Expertise in innovative management strategies.

Master diploma from the University of Luxembourg & a Certificate of Participation in the SCALE Connect 2018 Supply Chain Conference at the MIT.

Join a network of 1,000 other MIT SCALE alumni working across the world and the alumni group of the University of Luxembourg.

Career opportunities

The University of Luxembourg’s Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management will give you the right tools to take your career further.


Networking opportunities

Opportunities for students to network with recruiting companies are numerous:

  • The master thesis is written in partnership with a company. this includes regular meeting and collaboration with its team.
  • "Internal" networking opportunities: our students attend a wide range of events, from industry seminars to companies visits and conferences throughout the year.
  • "External" networking: Luxembourg is a great place to network and we encourage our students to attend the numerous networking events organized by institutions or business players.
  • University and faculty services: the University of Luxembourg offers full-service career center and the Faculty has numerous business partners keen on hiring our graduates.
  • MIT SCALE network/alumni: as members of MIT SCALE network, our students can access the MIT SCALE alumni network, their resources, and events.

Keep in mind that more than 80% of the MIT SCALE graduates have a job at graduation time!

Furthermore, non-EU graduates have a possible 2-year visa extension after graduation for finding a job in the field.


Which career opportunities?

Supply chain management is the backbone of many companies. Our program will open the door to a wealth of employment opportunities:

  • in every sector of the economy (such as retail, transportation, pharmaceutics, and manufacturing);
  • at a wide range of organization types (such as business corporations, government or non-profit organizations); and
  • at every level of the organization (starting from business analyst all the way up to CEO).
Last updated May 2020

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