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Best MA Programs in Wrocław in Poland 2019

The MA degree is primarily for students who want to improve their general mathematics education or to teach.

Wrocław is considered as the third largest center of education in Poland. In thirty well known institutions, there are more than 135,000 students. The Wrocław University of the city offers healthy academic environment to local and overseas students.

MAs in Wrocław in Poland

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The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw

MA Study Programme in Printmaking engages students in a variety of printmaking processes. ... [+]

MA Study Program in Printmaking engages students in a variety of printmaking processes.

Programme participants obtain the possibility to investigate and learn methods of intaglio (etching and engraving), silkscreen printing, flatbed printing (plate and stone lithography), relief printing (woodcut, linocut) and digital printing. Students participating in the programme will have an opportunity to specialize in unique practices and techniques, namely mezzotint, photo-etching, or collograph. The programme curriculum presents printmaking in agreement with Polish traditions and artistic achievements and encourages contemporary and experimental approaches as well.

Poland Wrocław
October 2019
4 semesters
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University of Wroclaw

The MA study program consists of four semesters: one semester with a common program for all students and three semesters with specializations courses. One of three semest ... [+]

5 specializations are available:

Public Policy Political Communication Public Administration (organized jointly with Georgian Institute of Public Affairs) Democracy and Development in Europe and Caucasus (organized jointly with Georgian Institute of Public Affairs) Central and East European Studies (organized jointly with the University of Bucharest)

The Institute of Political Science at the University of Wrocław is one of the biggest and the most dynamic centers of political science research in Poland. Since 2008 the Institute has developed also curricula in English. Both international and Polish candidates can join the study program and obtain the title of Master in Political Science.... [-]

Poland Wrocław
October 2019
2 years
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